Ultrasonic Cleaners Helps Protect Your Health

Ultrasonic Cleaner is a powerful tool which is used for various cleaning purposes. Apart from cleaning jewelry, metal rings, glassware and other equipment, it is also used in clinics, for the cleaning of surgical equipment, prostheses, in hospitals, to remove contamination from orthopedic devices and other areas.

It is a small device but the end results that it gives are amazing. The cleaner tank is filled with bio-degradable cleaning solution, which is selected based on the object which is being cleaned. A majority of cleaning supplies used nowadays are available in concentrated form. If you are using it for cleaning home unit water, surfactant augmented by an enzyme or detergent can easily be used.

The ultrasound cleaners come fitted with transducers that transfer energy formed by the generator into the solution. Things that need to be clean are placed inside the basket which is further suspended into the solution. After the cleaner is switched on million of small air bubbles are created by the energy and they implode with force after coming in contact with jewelry, glassware or objects that need to be cleaned.

This process is known as cavitation and it effectively removes contaminations. It easily cleans hard to reach surfaces. The process takes approximately 10 minutes and after being cleaned, the object is further rinsed. The object can be further disinfected and sterilized to make it clear of microorganisms.

Ultrasonic and Sound

Ultrasonic Cleaners by Hilsonic  are intended to operate at a frequency that matched different types of cleaning. For instance, the frequency used for cleaning medical instrument is 37 kHz while lower frequency (25 kHz) is used for cleaning heavy duty parts.

Sound Practice

Healthcare equipment and facilities using this cleaning system must have the standard operating procedures in place. The operating procedures govern the maintenance of cleaning procedure and the cleaning solutions.

In case, you are planning to clean surgical instrument, the cleaning solutions must be changed at regular intervals or when it becomes visibly dirty. The cleaning tank must be carefully cleaned and drained regularly to prevent residual contamination. Bath filters can be used to lengthen the life of cleaning solutions.

Ultrasound cleaner is not a sterilizer. Therefore, instruments are cleaned prior to sterilizing them to make sure they are clean. Sterilization of instrument can only be achieved by a method that helps destroy micro-organism.

While planning to invest in ultrasonic cleaner, stay away from cheap cleaners as the cheaper version is not worth the money spent on it. If you think buying an inexpensive cleaner will help you save money, you are probably wrong as it will not give you results that a professional ultrasonic cleaner will give. Professionally designed cleaners give the right cleaning as they are designed to deliver uniform cleaning power.

It comes with a uniformly built body and will give excellent service for many years to come. Moreover, it is easy to use. So keep things clean and shining with the ultrasonic filter and enjoy great benefits offered by the cleaners. From cleaning eye glasses to jewelry and from dentures to industrial instruments, ultrasonic cleaners offer a fast and reliable cleaning method.